When does the guarantee not apply?

  • Damage caused by fall, pressure, impact, use or moisture *. Our employees determine whether this is the case.
  • Damage caused by a short circuit from the outside. Examples include lightning strike or the use of the wrong adapter.

* Explanation of fall, pressure, impact, use or moisture damage: This type of damage can occur in several ways. Frequent causes are frequent use or the bumping / dropping of the device. This may result in the product no longer functioning properly. Even when a strong pressure is exerted on the device, damage may occur. Think of sitting on your device or carrying your device in a too tight bag. This can cause your product to warp. This can cause damage that is not visible on the outside, but as a result of which a number of functions no longer work (well).

* Explanation of water or moisture damage: Water or moisture damage can have various causes. The most common feature is contacting the device with water or another liquid. If you use your device in a damp room, damage may also occur. Think of use in the bathroom or when it is foggy. In addition, sweat, clammy hands or large differences in temperature can also make your device no longer function properly.