How does the RMA / Repair procedure work?

Phase 1. Shipping

You complete the RMA form completely. Provide your customer data, complaint description and supplied components and accessories.

Phase 2. Receipt name RMA

Your shipment will be received by us, after checking the RMA form we will create an RMA ticket. You will receive a confirmation of receipt from us, including our internal RMA ticket reference, so you can in the near future simpler feedback of our questions / received on the ticket number. After processing your shipment we will carry out some tests within 2 working days to try to reproduce the problem(s). Testing can take several working days, depending on the complaint and the malfunction. With the most accurate problem description possible, this process can be processed efficiently.

Phase 3. Observation and solution

After we have reproduced the complaint, we look for a solution. Depending on the complaint, this can result in various situations, such as: Ordering parts Reinstallation Send to manufacturer for warranty Etc. Depending on the solution, this phase can take 4 to 12 working days. We will of course inform you about the solution and the expected duration.

Phase 4.

We get the ordered parts or we receive the laptop back from the manufacturer. The laptop is checked at the repaired points. This will take a few days, so we can be sure that we will send you back a working laptop. In this phase, a stress test is also carried out, which takes 24 hours to ensure that all installed and / or replaced components work correctly. The entire phase can take up to 3 working days.

Phase 5.

The laptop will be returned to you with the included components and accessories you specify. The shipment will be via DHL and on the day of shipment you will receive the Track and Trace code from us. That way you can follow the package. In 99% of cases you will be able to receive your shipment the next working day.

Pay attention!

In case of user damage eg a DC jack that is internally broken or a screen that has been defected by the user. Will not be repaired under warranty conditions. This also applies to software problems. We are then compelled to charge research costs of € 65, - incl. VAT. And the corresponding shipping costs. Naturally, any costs for components to be replaced outside of the guarantee also come at the risk and expense of you. If the total repair time is going to take more than a month, we will inform you as soon as possible.