How can I best maintain my laptop?

To keep your laptop in a healthy state of operation there are a few important steps to take:

1. Dust Prevention; Blowing out the fans with canned/compressed air every 4-6 months would be recommended to prevent the start of any buildup or potential blockages. It's recommended to blow backwards and opposite to the direction that air normally leaves the ventilation. Short bursts of air no more than 2-3 seconds along the length of the vent will dislodge any dust.

2. Battery Health; Fully discharging and recharging the battery once every 2-3 weeks is strongly recommended. Extended periods of time with the battery at full capacity, or empty charge levels can quickly result in reduced charge capacity and performance if left for too long.

3. General Operation; Many programs will startup automatically once the computer is turned on and will function in the background performing varied tasks. Over time of owning your laptop this can result the system slowing down compared to when you first received it.

Driver updates for compatibility with new programs and Windows Updates is an important performance related maintenance task as well. To resolve both of these concerns, you may 'refresh' your system by performing a clean installation of Windows and an installation of the latest drivers from the drivers pack for your laptop at our Driver Zone.