Can I open a SKIKK myself?

Yes, opening, replacing or assembling your own components is permitted at SKIKK, but there is a risk here. Why? damage done by the user, such as by opening and / or making adjustments, is not covered by the warranty conditions.

That is why we are already giving you a number of tips to keep in mind before you screw the notebook open.

  • Wear an antistatic wrist strap.
  • Disassemble the notebook with care, caps are not only fixed with screws, but also clicked and sometimes even hooked behind connections (such as USB or video ports)
  • Always change the thermal paste as soon as you remove the heatsink from the CPU / GPU.
  • Hand tighten screws tightly, too tight & too loose can cause damage.
  • When in doubt do not go further or even start at all.