What are Second Chance products?

Are you looking for a product with a more attractive price tag? Then a second chance product is the best choice for you.

These products can no longer be sold as new and have, for example, damaged or missing packaging or (light) traces of use. The product could also have been a demo model or it was not as desired and returned, but everything always works properly.

Sometimes you are lucky and there are even completely new products that simply go out of our range.

Good to know

  • You will receive an invoice with VAT after your payment, by mail, as with normal products.
  • You can not take out additional insurance on your Second-chance product.
  • Discount promotions and promotions are simply valid on Second-chance products.
  • Gift vouchers can be redeemed when you purchase your Second-chance product.
  • It may be that a second-chance product has been repaired by us or by the manufacturer, then we clearly indicate this.