The payment failed or is declined?

Paid with iDEAL, no order confirmation received

Have you paid with iDEAL, but are not sure whether your order has been successful or not? Check if money has been debited. If no money has been debited, the payment has not been successful and you will not lose any money. You can place your order again.

Has money been debited, but have you not yet received an order confirmation? Then we advise you to wait. It can take up to an hour before we receive payments.

If you have not received an order confirmation from us after an hour, please contact our customer service. We can help you quickly with the help of your transaction number. This is always mentioned in the depreciation.

Disapproved credit card payments

It may happen that your payment is refused, which of course is very annoying. Unfortunately, we do not have access to the reasons. Refused payments can not be reversed.

No worries. SKIKK does not use 'blacklists' from other companies and will in turn never share this rejected payment with other companies. Your order has been automatically canceled and nothing will be debited. Do you still want to receive your order? Then place it again and choose iDEAL or an other form of prepayment.

Why do we check credit card payments?

We believe it is important to protect our customers from fraudulent payments. Credit card payments are in fact sensitive to fraudster. Payments are objectively and automatically approved or rejected on the basis of a large number of criteria. A payment is rejected if, for example, the CVC code or expiration date of the credit card is not properly entered, but also when an insecure Wi-Fi location, where fraud is committed, is identified.